Time Doesn't Exist

by Quantum Eraser

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Debut EP by Quantum Eraser


released May 25, 2018

Written, Preformed, and Produced by Anders Covert | Mastered by Steve Turnidge at UltraViolet Studios


all rights reserved



Quantum Eraser Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: T3MP0R41 F33db4CK
The speckled feather cries
Drowning in old men’s lies
Dye it paint the sky
I am lost in time

This isn’t reality
This life is not what we see
Things are not what they seem
The city is alive and dies with the screams
Solipsistic sophistry
Sunsets searching for philosophy

Does the universe care if I know or I don’t know?
I don’t know.
I don’t know!
There is a unit of Time
that is all time and no time at the same time.
Creation is born of destruction born of nothing.
There are no gods, kings, jesters, or countrymen.
What am I? Nothing. I say amen!
Track Name: psilosibhansthal
I've seen it torn down
Without a trace
The monsters and evil men
are all their place
The halos Are devil's tales
Mistaken Out of place
This god ain't a righteous one
He's left you gone to Space

The streets aren't paved with gold
It ain't milk or honey
The American Dream never existed
Mathematics and printed circuit boards
Geometry of unconscious eyes
A prefect day, a perfect life
A perfect kiss in evil skies
The illusion of time cuts into the soul like a knife
I'm blind I'm a sage
I see truth between lies

In towers with pillars of gold
They worship idols but the don't pray
The American Dream never existed
Time is a trick of the mind
The void is new life
Love is a product of division of hate
My love is pure true and unstoppable
A wizard and guardian angel
Protects from dark spiral
The city was always dead
It was only your hands that were shaking
Vampires, spiders, the dream, and the darkness
Track Name: Holographic Time Travelers
You are the sun's rays, you are the light
You are the most beautiful being I have ever seen
You are the innocence, you are our hope
I lived my life for nothing until there was you
You are the sunshine
You are the light in the dark
You are my true love
You are my heart

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